Monster Hunter: World PC Release Date and Specs Revealed

After great anticipation, Capcom officially revealed today that Monster Hunter: World will be headed to Steam August 9th, 2018. In fact, you can head over to Steam right now to pre-order your copy and...[Read More]

8th edition of Develop: Brighton

Brighton announces the finalists of their 8th edition of Develop: Brighton

One of the most important developer conferences has decided their finalist after a hard time trying to pick 9 games out of the 100 presented.

Smach Z promises full HD PC gaming on the go!

Smach Z. The handheld gaming market has a serious new player. The ‘most powerful handheld ever’ is bringing you full HD PC gaming any place, any time. Fully equipped with AMD Radeon™ Vega ...[Read More]

Beard & Axe Preview

Beard & Axe is a retro-styled adventure that will take you on a quest to become the next Dwarf King. You’ll have to slash and shoot your way through oaths, drinking beer to regain strength. ...[Read More]

Old School Runescape gets a brand new Raid!

Remember Runescape? It was a cultural phenomenon throughout the early 21st century, an absolute pioneer of what free, online based community gaming would and could become. The game attracted over 250 ...[Read More]

Apex Construct gets Brand New Mode!

Developers giving continuous and free support to their games is something that I believe it’s incredibly special in 2018. Keep a community engaged and giving them constant value for their money ...[Read More]

In Development – May Roundup

In Development is back with another Roundup of five awesome games still in development stage. This month we’ve been thinking a lot about graphic styles (we’re redefining DNX Gaming’s...[Read More]

Dark Souls Remastered: Everything New

Unfortunately there’s a ton of misinformation going around about Dark Souls Remastered right now. Reviews are getting story details wrong, sites are getting details about this version’s di...[Read More]

Active Shooter Will Allow You To Shoot Up Schools Soon. Not Kidding.

I’m not sure who thought this would be a good idea or how a project like this gets greenlit but apparently, it did and it’s real. Described by its Russian publisher, Acid, as swat team first-person sh...[Read More]

Killer7 Remaster Coming To Steam This Fall

It has now been officially announced and revealed that cult classic Killer7 will be released for PC on Steam this fall after 13 long years as a remaster. For those who don’t know, Killer7 was a PS2 an...[Read More]

Sea of Thieves First Expansion Dated

Do the sailors on the Sea of Thieves face a new threat, or an ancient one? Hear the stories and steel yourselves for new challenges as Rare’s shared world pirate adventure receives its first con...[Read More]

In Development – Ludum Dare 41 Roundup

This month we have a special edition of In Development. We’re going to take a look to five of the best entries to Ludum Dare 41! This means that the demos of this roundup will be a bit rawer tha...[Read More]

An Entertainment Suite With Something for Every Gamer

Over the last couple of years, the gaming industry has been growing aggressively. The gamer community keeps getting bigger and thousands of games are coming out every year. Thanks to this, developers ...[Read More]

Sea of Thieves gets a Content Roadmap

Executive Producer Joe Neate has released both a video and an article detailing the Sea of Thieves content roadmap. This shows many of the additions that Rare are going to be bringing to the Pirate ad...[Read More]

Fort Triumph Preview

Fort Triumph is a 3D turn-based strategy game with an extremely interactive environment. The combat system is very dependent on getting a good cover from ranged attacks, but there’s a catch. You...[Read More]

Into the Breach Review

Overview The beginning of this turn-based strategic adventure can get a little tragic, with aliens destroying the human race and all… Until you jump back in time to try again… The makers o...[Read More]

Why I Left Hunt: Showdown

Ever since the E3 2017 trailer, I was obsessed with the newly announced Hunt Showdown. Coming from the ashes of a dying Left 4 Dead clone, Hunt Showdown evolved from Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, a...[Read More]

In Development – March’s Indie Games Roundup

In Development is back with 5 new indie games currently in the development stage. This month’s Roundup features pretty amazing artwork, multiplayer games, and those modern adaptations of old-sch...[Read More]

Prismata Review

Prismata is not your usual Cards Dueling game; sure it has a bunch of different creatures and spells with awesome mechanics. It also features awesome artwork effects, sweet skins, and a cool story to ...[Read More]

Captain Disaster in: Death Has a Million Stomping Boots Review

OVERVIEW Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is a point and click adventure from an indie developer that is so indie that the game isn’t available on any mainstream platform ...[Read More]

Free games with Prime on the Way

For those that are familiar with Twitch Prime, the premium subscription service between Amazon and Twitch, it gives you access to loads of sweet loot bundles for games like Fortnite and Call Of Duty W...[Read More]

Sega Genesis Collection Leaked and Release Date Revealed

Via www.seganerds.com we have details of a new collection of SEGA games headed to current gen platforms this Spring. On May 29th the SEGA Genesis Collection hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will include ...[Read More]

Past Cure Review

Reviewed on Xbox One X, also available on PlayStation 4 & PC Released – February 23rd 2018 Developer – Phantom 8 Genre – 3rd Person Action File Size – 8.6GB Overview Past C...[Read More]

Battlezone: Combat Commander Review

OVERVIEW Battlezone: Combat Commander is a remaster of cult classic Battlezone 2. A PC title released in 1999 and now getting a remaster in 2018 developed by Big Boat Interactive and published by Rebe...[Read More]

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Remastered Review

OVERVIEW Turok 2 on Xbox One is the second Remaster of an N64 title from developer Nightdive Studios. This FPS has the player taking control over a new Turok and a higher emphasis has been placed on t...[Read More]

Has Amazon revealed the return of Sam Fisher?

As seems to be the norm lately, yet another unannounced title appears to have been unceremoniously leaked by an online retailer. This time our friends at Amazon may have broken Sam Fishers cover by li...[Read More]

Turok Remastered Review

OVERVIEW Turok on Xbox One is a Remaster of an N64 title by developer Nightdive Studios. This FPS has the player taking control over the Turok and it’s his job to preserve the universe from the Campai...[Read More]

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge Review

OVERVIEW TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge is a racing game based on the real life motorsport event of the same name. Taking place across the picturesque Isle of Man, the roads of this normally tranqui...[Read More]

Is Sony A “We 4” Kind Of Company?

Well, it was only a matter of time. Over the past little while, Fortnite has been providing support for cross play and progression on devices such as PS4, mobile, PC and, in the same manner, for Xbox....[Read More]

Why movies based on games are still not working

Super Mario, Max Payne, Street Fighter, Far Cry, (thanks, Uwe Boll). It’s an old chestnut, game movies don’t work, but they should. They are more cinematic these days, like interactive movies. There’s...[Read More]

H1Z1 is now Free to Play

Nowadays, “Battle Royale” games are trending and it would not be possible without one of it’s founding fathers, H1Z1. This game has had a long and confusing development cycle, and fi...[Read More]

Fortnite: Your guide to the Week 3 Battle Pass Challenges

I have been playing a lot of Fortnite Battle Royale recently. I can’t stop. When I’m not playing I’m writing about it. With this in mind I’ve decided to start a weekly guide on...[Read More]

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