Rumor: Spyro the Dragon remaster is set for 2018

It seems folks at Activision might have seen the light with the recent runaway success of the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and have made plans for a Spyro the Dragon trilogy of its own. According to...[Read More]

Remakes & Remasters

Do gamers want remakes and remasters or would we prefer all new experience instead?

Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

OVERVIEW Dynasty Warriors 9 is an up and coming hack and slash game developed by the talented team Omega Force. This is the franchise that had made them the popular studio they are today but for this ...[Read More]

Little Triangle Review

Reviewed on Xbox one; Also available on PlayStation 4. So, let me start off with saying I usually like to completely finish a game before I review it for obvious reasons. But with Little Triangle, I p...[Read More]

E3 floor plans reveal booth sizes of the big three publishers and more

Resetera user Rosti has done some investigating and managed to dig up the preliminary floor plans for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3. The event runs from 13th-15th June and will feature ...[Read More]

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection could be stealthily crawling to PS4

An eagle (snake?) eyed redditor has spotted that Armature Studios, the team behind the Metal Gear Solid HD collection on PS Vita, (PS3 port was handled separately) has added PS4 to the list of platfor...[Read More]

Bungie Paywalls Destiny 2 Forums

Bungie. Bungie. Bungie. It seems like its always 1 step forward and 2 steps back, especially with your disappointing sequel Destiny 2. Firstly news broke this week that the competitive end game mode o...[Read More]

Wulverblade Review

Overview Wulverblade draws inspiration from the classic coin-operated arcades of yore, like Golden Axe, at the same time keeping itself grounded in historical storytelling, similar to Valiant Hearts. ...[Read More]

Detroit: Become Human developer hits further issues

Quantic Dream, developer behind PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain and currently developing PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human has had a troubled few months. This all began following a trailer that was shown o...[Read More]

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