Chicken Assassin: Reloaded Review

Chicken Assassin: Reloaded is an enhanced edition of the PC original, Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation, released back in 2016. This is the ultimate workout for your finger, and your controller,...[Read More]

The Journey Down Complete Review

This is a game very clearly inspired by classic point & click titles such as Monkey Island, but does this quirky game hold up against an ever-changing, gaming World? Let’s find out in The Jo...[Read More]

Gran Turismo Sport update brings new cars, a new track and u-turn on microtransactions

After PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 6 was plagued with microtransactions, including one car which costs £120, fans were absolutely relieved when series creator Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed there would be ...[Read More]

Indie hit Kabounce gets a huge new update as well as a free weekend!

The multiplayer pinball game Kabounce which we loved so much is getting a Summer update as well as a free weekend. From July 26th (today!), you’ll have access to Ranked mode, new maps, new modes...[Read More]

Earthfall Review

Earthfall is an ambitious project from indie developer Holospark Games. Inspired by cooperative arcade shooters like Left 4 Dead, the game pays homage to a sect of the FPS genre that has seen very few...[Read More]

Guacemelee! 2 release date revealed alongside new trailer and pricing info!

Guacemelee 2 is launching on PS4 and Steam August 21st! The original game is a beloved Metroidvania with a Mexican twist. Developer DrinkBox has perfected this 2D art style, not only with this series ...[Read More]

GAME’s UK Price gouging of the limited edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro console is a disgrace

UPDATE – July 24th, 2018 GAME UK now offering Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro standalone after fan backlash   ORIGINAL ARTICLE – July 22nd, 2018  Spider-Man fans and...[Read More]

Insane Robots Review

Insane Robots is my first card battler game on console. Sure, in the real world I enjoy Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh but I had never used my Playstation to experience board games. My main attraction was the c...[Read More]

Fighting EX Layer Review

It’s been years since the old Street Fighter Ex series was a thing, but old school developer Arika has finally returned with a natural evolution of what that series could have become with their ...[Read More]

Mugsters Review

Developed by: Reinkout Games Published by: Team17 Digital Ltd Length: 15+ hours depending on skill and need for 100% completion Genre: Puzzle, Action Size: 1.45GB Cost: TBC Platform: Reviewed on PS4 &...[Read More]

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Brand new Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage gameplay!

With Spyro The Dragon set to make his return in the Reignited Trilogy on September 21st, developer Toys for Bob has teamed up with PlayStation to unveil gameplay from their recreation of the second ga...[Read More]

Blacksea Odyssey Review

PlayStation has always been a great home for the top-down space shooters; games like Super Stardust and Pixeljunk Shooter easily come to mind when thinking of the genre. Blacksea Odyssey tries to get ...[Read More]

LEGO® Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles Review

Tt Games’ LEGO titles are a modern staple of the Video Game industry. The phenomenon started with LEGO Star Wars and has now grown to include brand new properties like LEGO City Undercover and c...[Read More]

Slime-San: Super Slime Edition Review

Slime-San, ‘Super Slime Edition’ finally makes its way onto PS4 and Xbox One, an 8-Bit, 2D Twitch/Action Platformer that follows the adventure of our little, green, slimy protagonist ̵...[Read More]

Masters of Anima Review

Passtech Games have seemingly drawn inspiration from Pikmin to create a fantastical love child with everything an adventure game needs… well, apart from the cringe factor!   Developed by Pa...[Read More]

Yoku’s Island Express Review

Yoku has arrived on Mokumana and he’s ready for the easy life, soaking up the sun and delivering parcels on a tropical paradise! However, an ancient Island deity is trapped in a restless sleep –...[Read More]

DualShock 4 V2 Review

The second iteration of Playstation’s current flagship controller, the Dualshock 4 V2. There aren’t many key differences, only two that are noticeable. The first is the light bar being rep...[Read More]

Earth Atlantis Review

The underwater Steampunk shoot ’em up ‘Earth Atlantis’ seems to have a ton of potential at first glance. Let’s find out if this game is worth a shot! Published by Headup Games ...[Read More]

H1Z1 Battle Royale surpasses impressive player count on PS4

Since May 22nd, when the H1Z1 Battle Royale’s Open Beta launched on PS4, the game has been played by over 10 million players.  Players have spent more than 102 million hours in the first month b...[Read More]

Metal Slug XX

Metal Slug XX Review

Metal Slugging on through Running and gunning is the name of the game! Not really, it’s Metal Slug. Metal Slug XX for the PS4 is essentially a buffed up version of Metal Slug 7. You run through ...[Read More]

PS Plus July games revealed

The PlayStation Blog has revealed that these will be PS Plus subscribers free games from July 3rd: Absolver – PS4 Heavy Rain – PS4 Rayman 3 HD – PS3 Extreme Exorcism – PS3 Spac...[Read More]

Shawn Layden comments on console cross play

“We’re hearing it. We’re looking at a lot of the possibilities. You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game. I’m confident we’...[Read More]

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Review

Overview Following on from their previous FMV (Full Motion Video) adventure titles The Bunker and Late Shift, Wales Interactive is back with D’Avekki Studios’ “Lovecraftian Murder Mystery”...[Read More]

Lumines Remastered Review

Overview Fourteen years after Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s original Lumines graced the PSP, the classic puzzle game has returned. From the creators of Rez Infinite we have Lumines Remastered. Developer R...[Read More]

Rainbow Skies Review

Overview In 2012, German indie studio Sidequest Studios released Rainbow Moon. This Playstation exclusive JRPG was not just well received critically, it gathered a strong core fan base. The studios ma...[Read More]

Awkward Review

Reviewed on PlayStation 4; Also available on Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and PC. Awkward claims to have the ability to ruin friendships with it’s fiendish questions. Can it? Let’s find out. ...[Read More]

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review

Overview If you’ve not yet played 2013’s Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, then go do it now. Seriously, I’ll wait. By combining the epic talent of Studio Ghibli with the RPG kno...[Read More]

Twenty Easy Platinum Trophies on sale right now for less than £4 each!

On the EU/UK PlayStation store right now there is a ‘Games Under £4’ sale going on. Several of these games feature Platinum trophies. A sale like this is heaven to a trophy hunter, a chanc...[Read More]

Exclusive: Sony planning on introducing Cross-Play, name changes and PS Now downloads this fiscal year

If you use the internet you’ll be fully aware of the situation regarding Sony and cross-play. After worldwide sensation Fortnite: Battle Royale came to Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console, th...[Read More]

Fallout Shelter: Top Tips for that Platinum Trophy

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play mobile game that recently made its debut on Playstation 4 and Nintendo’s Switch console on June 10th 2018. As a fearsome Overseer, it is your responsibility to ...[Read More]

Riddled Corpses EX Review

Overview   Riddled Corpses EX is a port of the previous PC/Steam Release ‘Riddled Corpses’ that was originally developed by Diabolical Mind. Billed as an ‘Anime Twin Stick Shoot...[Read More]

Agony Review

Overview Originally aiming for $66,666 Canadian Dollars, Playway’s Agony raised three times this in their Kickstarter. Nearly 4000 backers supported the Polish developer’s first person sur...[Read More]

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