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9.9 Amazing

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review

Audio is a key aspect of gaming, that's why we bring you this Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review.

9.5 Amazing

Bionik Giganet Adapter Review

I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch. It’s just a brilliant all round console. One thing in particular that I love? The games, especially the online multiplayer. With Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bro...[Read More]

9.8 Amazing

Bionik Power Plate Nintendo Switch Review

Accessories have always been hugely important when it comes to gaming. The Nintendo Switch is an accessory maker’s dream. With the moving parts such as the dock and joy-cons, there is plenty of ...[Read More]

Snakebyte Head:Set 4 Review

A headset is a vital accessory in modern gaming. Whether it’s to fully immerse yourself in the latest single player masterpiece like God of War, to party up in Fortnite Battle Royale or just to ...[Read More]

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One Review

Accessory maker PowerA is back at it again, this time with their officially Microsoft licensed third party controller. The controller is available right now in the States and will be available startin...[Read More]

Venom Tennis Racket Twin Pack Review

When the Wii was firing on all cylinders and demolishing the competition, a huge part of that success was Nintendo capturing the casual market. The Nintendo Switch has given the company a glorious opp...[Read More]

DualShock 4 V2 Review

The second iteration of Playstation’s current flagship controller, the Dualshock 4 V2. There aren’t many key differences, only two that are noticeable. The first is the light bar being rep...[Read More]

PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock Review

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest gaming console on the market right now. Every time sales numbers are announced a new record is broken. Like the Wii, many companies are jumping on the Switch hype tr...[Read More]