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Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Review

Overview Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: The Coalition / Splash Damage Platform: Xbox One, Windows 10 ESRB Rating: M (Mature) Pricing: Standard Edition: $39.99, £29.99, €39.99 Achievements: 56 worth 1250G Install Size: 44,4 GB Reviewed on Xbox One. Buy Buy Deluxe version       Experience the iconic adventure that launched one of the most celebrated […]

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DOOM Review

Overview DOOM has always been a challenging game about demons, guns and speed; a fast paced action and first person shooter game originally released way back in 1993. id Software had the huge task of bringing DOOM back to the market in all of its glory, while trying to keep the essence and also adapting […]

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  Overview SUPERHOT is a first person shooter game focused on strategy (also featuring some kind of puzzle feeling) developed and published by SUPERHOT TEAM. SUPERHOT has been in development for nearly three years and it was finally released February 25th 2016 on PC and May 3rd 2016 on Xbox One. Size: 4.23 GB Price: $24.99 […]

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Rare Replay Review

 Overview Developed by: Rare LTD Published by: Microsoft Studios Availability: August 4, 2015 Platform: Xbox One [CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE]  ESRB Rating: Multiple ratings ranging from “E” for Everyone to “M” for Mature Total Gamerscore: 10.000G Total Game Size:  11.26 GB + 38 GB for 360 games (aprox.) Price:   $29.99 US / €29.99 / £19.99 / $49.95 […]

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Blue Estate Review

Blue Estate was released February 18th 2015 on Xbox One for $12.99. The game was developed and published by HeSaw through the ID@XBOX self-publishing program. Genre: Action/Rail Shooter Age Rating: M (Mature) Game Size: 4.14GB 27 Achievements – 1000G Official Site Buy now Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on Playstation 4 and PC.

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Ziggurat Review

  OVERVIEW Game size: 1.10GB Age rating: E10 (Everyone 10+) Fantasy Violence Xbox Live Store Price: $14.99 37 Achievements – 1000G Release Date: 20th  March 2015 on Xbox One   Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on Playstation 4 and PC. Official Site  Buy Now    “Ziggurats were massive structures built in the ancient Mesopotamian valley and western Iranian plateau, […]

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   Overview Platform: Xbox One Genre:  Shoot ’em up / twin stick-shooter Age Rating: E (Everyone) Xbox LIVE Store Price: $9.99 Game Size: 155.71MB 12 Achievements worth a total 1000G Buy Now Official Site Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on Playstation 4 and PC. INTRODUCTION WE ARE DOOMED is a space based twin stick-shooter (multidirectional shooters with one […]

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#IDARB Review

Well, let’s start by saying that you’ve probably never seen anything like this before. So let’s get into details. Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on PC. What is #IDARB? (in case you were wondering) #IDARB [“It Draws A Red Box”] is an indie game developed by Other Ocean Interactive {http://www.otherocean.com/} for the Xbox One. […]