Lode Runner Legacy Review

OVERVIEW Lode Runner Legacy is a modern recreation of a classic with the largest question being: Does simplistic gameplay from 1983 still hold up in 2018? This new entry also looks to build upon the c...[Read More]

God of War Review

In 2005 David Jaffe and Sony Santa Monica released God of War on the PS2. Fast forward thirteen years and we’re getting another game with an identical name from the same studio, although under t...[Read More]

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Review

Reviewed on Xbox One X, also available on PlayStation 4 and PC Released – 8th August 2017 (PS4, PC) 11th April 2018 (Xbox One) Developer – Ninja Theory Genre – 3rd Person Action-Adve...[Read More]

Attack On Titan 2 Review

For those of you unaware, Attack On Titan, also known as “Shingeki No Kyojin”, is a worldwide anime hit. I bet you should have already heard of it if you are into this type of animation. S...[Read More]

The Adventure Pals Review

Overview So, let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE finding a good indie game to play. There are many hidden gems that you wouldn’t even know existed until someone told you about them...[Read More]

Time Carnage VR Review

Overview Time Carnage is a virtual reality shooter from British independent studio Wales Interactive. The BAFTA winning studio has published a variety of games since their inception in 2011. These inc...[Read More]

Into the Breach Review

Overview The beginning of this turn-based strategic adventure can get a little tragic, with aliens destroying the human race and all… Until you jump back in time to try again… The makers o...[Read More]

Infernium Review

This game was reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro, also available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Overview Infernium is a non-linear game that is built for the hardcore audience. With its permadeath mechanic you...[Read More]

Far Cry 5 Review

Overview   In a time when our senses are beleaguered by claims of fake news, mass conspiracies and a world seemingly minutes away from impending doom, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 goes all-in trying to ca...[Read More]

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