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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

  OVERVIEW Shadow of Mordor is an open world action-adventure game based on J.R.R Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, as well as Peter Jackson’s film adaptations. Developed by Monolith and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, officially announced in November 2013, it was released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One in September […]

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Original Xbox BC games leaked?

Apparently, (discovered by twitter user @GamerTagstic) if you visit Gamestop, by going to Trade in> Games> Search: BC <XBOX> this “leaked” list of original Xbox games will appear, shown as backward compatible (BC). Microsoft announced original Xbox backward compatibility a couple of months ago on the E3 2017 conference. Some games already confirmed by Microsoft […]

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WE ARE DOOMED is a space-based twin stick-shooter developed and published by Vertexpop. The gameplay mechanics are really simple; shooting and killing incoming and increasing enemy waves without a reason; well, who needs one? Get ready for tons of numbers, lasers, enemies and pixelated fireworks filling the whole screen. There is definitely some chaotic gameplay going […]

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#IDARB Review

Well, let’s start by saying that you’ve probably never seen anything like this game before. So let’s get into detail. Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on PC.   What is #IDARB? #IDARB [“It Draws A Red Box”] is an indie game developed by Other Ocean Interactive for Xbox One. Behind the game’s name there’s a […]