Darksiders 3 Review

It’s been six years since we’ve seen a Darksiders game. From bankruptcy to losing the intellectual property, to reforming the studio under a new name and rebuilding themselves, the majority of the mas...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold including offers on Fortnite Packs

With that ting called Christmas fast approaching, here are your Deals with Gold for this week and including offers on Fortnite starter packs. Check out the list for Xbox One below; Aven Colony* Xbox O...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold including deals on Battlefield Titles and DLC

Yes, here we are again on another Tuesday and another day closer to Christmas WHOO HOO! Oh, and also it’s Deals with Gold day too, bringing along another epic list full of bargain goodness. This...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold including discounts on Forza and Need for Speed Titles

Here we are once again with another Tuesday and racing along with it is another Deals with Gold, with top titles like the Need for Speed Ultimate bundle and Forza Horizon 3 / Forza 6 Bundle, both gett...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold and Spotlight Deals including Bioshock and L. A. Noire

This week’s Deals with Gold are here to warm up our cold winter morning, and once again it comes with heavyweight games including The Bioshock Collection and L. A. Noire. Check out the Xbox One ...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold and Spotlight Deals including Marvel vs Capcom and Sniper 4 DLC

Another Tuesday is here bringing with it yet another Deals with Gold, this week sees a good discount on the DLC packs for Marvel vs Capcom and Sniper 4 alongside others. Check out the Xbox One list be...[Read More]

Fortune Island announced for Forza Horizon 4

It’s official now, the first epic expansion for Forza Horizon 4 has been announced. It has been said it will be a perilous adventure full of twists and turns with cliff side dirt roads and paved...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Deals

It’s Tuesday again and this can only mean one thing; it’s a brand new Deals with Gold list. This week’s list is once again full of deals to entice you like TT Isle of Man at 40% off ...[Read More]

The original Crackdown game is free on the Xbox Store right now

Despite several -and expected- delays, Crackdown 3 is finally coming soon… Or at least I hope so. The hype is definitely growing, and what better way to celebrate than paying a free visit to the...[Read More]

DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ to be featured in PUBG

Another day another battle royale announcement, this time it’s the turn of PUBG fighting back against Fortnite’s NFL announcement with one of their own. Announced yesterday on the official...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold including Just Cause 3 and ARK Survival

Back again is my favourite day of the week, Tuesday is my new Friday because with Tuesday comes a new Deals with Gold and once again this one doesn’t disappoint. Big offers on Just Cause 3, perf...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold including Spotlight Deals

Another Tuesday comes around bringing the bargain delights of Deals with Gold, and this week we have deals on top titles such as Dirt and MX vs ATV titles and the DLC to go with it alongside many more...[Read More]

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