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Chicken Assassin: Reloaded is an enhanced edition of the PC original, Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation, released back in 2016. This is the ultimate workout for your finger, and your controller, as you rapidly click the X button more times than the entire roster at a Tekken tournament, smashing your way through waves of crazy enemies and insane bosses. Carpal Tunnel is not a potential side effect, it’s pretty much a promise. You have been warned!

Release Date: July 17th, 2018
Size: 408.81 MB
Genre: Action RPG
Developed by OneShark
Published by Akupara Games
Reviewed on PS4; Also available on Switch and PC.




You play as Mean McAllister. He is a gigantic anthropomorphic cockerel, with more muscles than Schwarzenegger and more rage than Rambo. So when his ravishing girlfriend Candy is kidnapped by the villainous Spritzel, he does want any ‘roid raging rooster would do, he sets out on a quest to save his lady. Traveling across the globe, Mean is gonna whoop the ass of anyone (or anything) stupid enough to get in his way.



First thing to remember here is that this game is what is known as a “clicker” and was originally designed to be played with a mouse. Every click of the button equates to a punch, shot, slice, wallop carried out by Mean McAllister, so the faster you click the more damage you dish out. Each level has a set number of waves, starting with a very doable 20 waves and then working up to the more finger blistering 50 waves. As you power your way through the hordes of enemies, you’ll reach a warning screen letting you know you’re about to face one of the many mid bosses or an end boss, so get your fingers ready as some of these guys have a really long life bar to chip away at so you’ll need to mash that attack button even faster and for a longer sustained period of time if you want to survive.

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Luckily it’s not all down to your rapid finger tapping prowess as every enemy you defeat drops souls for you to collect. Now, these souls are the currency of the game, they are used to upgrade your characters stats (health, strength, defence etc), increase the number of souls enemies will drop, add additional abilities like health regaining during gameplay. After each frenzied button smashing battle, you are rewarded with stat boosting items such as weapons, potions, armour along with some random artifacts for you to sell (to earn more souls). You can also gain items by spending your souls on the loot chest on the main screen. These weapons are invaluable in getting through the later levels and are tied to your characters experience level.

Should you find yourself a few souls short of your next upgrade, there is an unlimited supply in a cauldron also on the main screen. Hit it, like you would an enemy and out pops a soul. This does mean it’s totally possible to gain 1000’s of souls to spend without fighting anyone if you are willing to spend the time and effort. There is also a list of 97 tasks to complete which reward you with even more souls to spend, ranging from clearing each level and performing 10,000 attacks to defeating 50 bosses.

You will also randomly unlock clothing items improving abilities McAllister even further. The challenge here, as with all RPGs, is choosing between picking the items that give you the biggest advantage but make you look like a total mess or wearing the less helpful but cooler looking outfits? Personally, I pick stats over fashion; I mean, I’m already a muscle-bound, 6ft Chicken, how do I top that?

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There is also an additional mode to unlock called Boss Raid. These are 4 separate levels that you can only access when you have collected a set number of certain items during the main game. However, you only get one crack at them and if you fail you need to collect all those items again before retrying.



The presentation is way beyond what most would expect for a game of this type. Its art style is brilliant with fantastic characters designs and highly detailed stage backgrounds. Mean’s adventure will take him from the depths of the ocean to the infinity of space, and each area has its own villains to tear through like sharks, spies, aliens, gangsters and circus performers each beautifully presented. There’s also humorously scripted “cut scenes” bridging the levels with the ongoing story of Candy’s rescue, knowingly tipping its hat to the high octane lunacy of 80’s action movies that McAllister is inspired by. While the animations can look a little jerky, this is a deliberate decision and gives the game a look that’s reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s work with Monty Python.

The music is a splendid blend of club style beats while continuing to incorporate the current level’s theme, be it a nautical ditty while you destroy a giant octopus (a tune I’ve genuinely hummed to myself while away from the game) or some cool jazz piano while you fight your way out of a casino. The important thing here is that it keeps your adrenaline pumping as you machine gun tap your X button another 20,000 times.

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Chicken Assassin: Reloaded is going to split console audiences. You are either going to love or hate its simplistic one button gameplay. The game is constantly rewarding you with items, souls and experience points, always making you feel like you could get a little bit further next time. The problem with that is by level 6, you may be all “clicked” out and no longer care since the gameplay does not really change, there’s little incentive to soldier on. However, the presentation is fun and if the “just one more go” bug does bite you, it can be very addictive. It’s currently only £4.92 for PS Plus members so you might want to give it a try.




Single Player







  • Great Art Style
  • Lots of items to collect
  • Easy to pick up, tough to complete

Not Cool

  • Maybe overly simplistic for some, it’s just one button, over & over
  • Zero variation to gameplay
  • Excessive play could lead to a broken controller... or finger

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