Clarification on Mike Ybarra’s “Tweet”

Last night Corporate Vice Preseident Mike Ybarra known as @XboxQwik on Twitter posted a tweet that many people mistook as a jab towards the debacle of the on going situation happening with NEOGAF.

The response by the public was fast and intense. Many people calling him unprofessional, slinging verbal abuse and bringing the console wars into the thread. What alot of people didn’t seem to do, was go to the start of the thread and try to find some validity on what he was talking about. One user who commented shortly after Ybarras post for this response from Mike. The original post from the user was quickly deleted.

He was watching the Yankees baseball game last night, not knowing what was currently going on with NeoGAF at the time. Earlier today I posted on Twitter about this, not knowing he would provide some clarification on it. This was a response to one of the comments I had in the thread to my post.

Here’s your clarification people. He wasn’t tweeting about NeoGAF, he wasn’t poking fun. Being a Corporate Vice President they have to uphold a standard, and he sure did. It was about the Yankees vs Astros, in which the Yankees lost 0-4 sending the Astros to the World Series.

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