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Co-op shooter Earthfall gets a brand new update

When Earthfall launched back in July, our reviewer Chris was pretty positive about it, It’s a fun romp – especially with friends – and it will provide enough variety that I would recommend it as a good arcade shooter, especially for those who have been spending their days playing Left 4 Dead. One of the main universal criticisms was that the game could use more varied content. Well, developer Holospark is coming through on their promised roadmap, the free Militia Update is available today. This is already the second update, in August Inferno added a brand new level as well as two new enemies, a new weapon and new customisation options. So what do you get this time?

  • Brand new weapon: the much requested Grenade Launcher
  • Hunting themed character outfits
  • Camouflaged weapon skins

The good news is the updates don’t end here. October brings another free update with Invasion which will include player progression and a brand new horde mode.

Earthfall is currently available digitally for £24.99!

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