Conan Exiles Review

Into the Desert with Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles comes from the same universe as Conan the Barbarian. Here is a little bit of reference to get you into the mood.



Conan Exiles is set in this savage world filled with legend, myth, and magic and having tons going for it. It is a survival game with a hefty crafting element and simple yet interesting leveling mechanics. It has a controversial character creation element that basically any non-US based console gamer can enjoy. The server-based system the game runs on could be a little bit annoying at times. However, with a good group of consistently playing friends, you’ll find yourself coming back and playing regularly.

Release date: May 8th, 2018
Price: $49.99 / 44.99
Size: 38.42
Genre: Survival, Action-Adventure
Developed by: Funcom
Published by: Funcom
Reviewed on PlayStation 4; Also available on Windows and Xbox One


The story begins with Conan strolling by and reviving you and releasing you from crucifixion. A neat little bonus gives gamers the reasons for their character’s unfortunate situation as well. You have a bracelet on that apparently if you remove you die. As of right now, I haven’t run into anything story-wise that points you in the right direction. From some research and near death encounters I have found that the point is basically to kill the major bosses of the game so that they drop key items. The said key items then get traded/combined towards the end of the game and you are given the option to remove the bracelet.


Since you start butt naked in the desert, your first goal should be to pick up everything in the assumption you can use it for some kind of crafting. Just about everything has a purpose. Plant fiber can be used to create beds and as components to larger items like chests and weapons. Iron can be used for upgrading your harvesting materials, armor, and so many more things. You can smelt ore, tan hides, press fish for oil. I can literally go on for hours on the amount of stuff you can craft.

Along with the crafting comes the leveling system. As you level you gain the usual “points” to put into your character. In Conan Exiles, you are doing this across two different systems. You level up the basic crafting recipes trees you start off having access to. This is probably so that people don’t run straight to some OP resource and start building a server ruling outpost. Thankfully the game starts you off with the basics for you to survive.

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Speaking of survival, a bed is your save point, so if you don’t make a bed your priority, then be ready to start off in the desert each time you die. A shelter will protect you from sandstorms and any other “outside” related damage. The other attributes go into your stats, giving you a variety of perks when certain gates are met. Also for first-person fanatics, just press up on the D-pad and you’re up close and personal. Here is a fantastic showcase of the perks your characters can take advantage of in the game:

The combat is nothing special at the moment until your enemies get a little bit smarter. A crocodile will take off a good chunk of health though if you aren’t careful. The human characters can do you in as well if they begin to group on you. I won’t spoil the other beasts you’ll encounter because the surprise is half of the experience in Conan Exiles. To combat these adversaries you will, of course, fall back on your crafting system. You can craft hammers, daggers, swords, bows, greatswords, spears, and a bit more to defend yourself against the outdoor’s evils.
Another important factor of the gameplay I should explain is the server situation. When you start an online game in Conan Exiles, it leads you to a page where you can select from a list of servers to play in. Once you go into a server the game should save it as a favorite so you can find it easily when you come back to play. A few things to note in regard to this system. The average max amount of players fluctuates depending on the server. Be prepared to have to wait for a spot on your original server, or juggle a few characters as you go. Some people have mentioned going into the effort of creating their own private server (Or just play single player offline) in order to safely maintain their save state. It is a bit annoying and I haven’t really mastered staying on one server more than a few days because I really despise queues. That, and I don’t play as consistently as you should. Playing on a PVP server (In PVP everyone is murderable and all items are up for grabs.) versus a PVE server can make things smoother for you, but the same issue remains.
In Conan Exiles the server settings will also vary from EACH server so make sure you check those out before settling in. Finally, don’t be afraid of PVP, people will definitely attack you, but you may meet some new friends. I had a squad of players decked in armor attack me several times but they never looted my body or raided my little trailer sized home. I then followed them around and they randomly dropped stuff to help me out. It wasn’t much but it shows the potential of experience you can have with the game.

Single Player

While a Single Player mode is a fun version where your items and save file are safe, you won’t run into anyone but NPCs here. If you are doing a private co-op game, do not expect your visiting friend to be able to go far. A tether prevents them from going beyond a certain distance from the host player. At first, this isn’t much of a real bother but later in the game when you want to go separate ways for some productive reason, you are out of luck. If you are a solo player, a single player game is the best bet for you to enjoy Conan Exiles I just didn’t feel any purpose playing alone.

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Conan Exiles

The best version of multiplayer to experience under your preferred server conditions is PVP. It makes the savage world feel much more real and makes you a bit more prepared for the wild creatures lurking around every rock pile. In multiplayer PVP, you obviously have the dangers of being robbed and murdered, but you also can access clans. Clans are exactly what they sound like. Groups of people banding together with SHARED resources to strive towards dominating the server. Now, this is all fun and jolly with some friends, but here is where it becomes interesting. One server I went on apparently is caught up in some big clan feud right by the starting area. There were 8 players from each side just hacking at each other. In hindsight, this must have been planned due to how the servers work. Either way, watching these large tribes hack at each other was a real eye opener moment as to what you could do in Conan Exiles with a little help from your friends.


The graphics of this game vary on just about every TV you can watch it on. The landscapes are amazing, the shading is great, and the whole map feels very natural. The human characters of the game while ugly, don’t look horrible. The creatures you run into also have a lot of detail on them as well. Every model moves kind of funky, however. When you get mobbed by alligators, its an intimidating spectacle, but when they reach you at certain angles it makes them blend into one model. Not a big deal but it kind of cuts out the immersion of the game.

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The best way, and the worst way, to describe this music is Epic. The grand orchestral pieces and even the “oh shit monster is chasing me” music is really well done. The sound effects are pretty close to the real-life counterparts. When you knock some wood, it sounds like you’re chopping trees, etc. I can’t really say anything negative about the music of the game. I had to hunt down some of the music you’ll hear as you explore the massive map.


Aside from being upset about the US not getting a full nude version of Conan Exiles on the console, this game is pretty damn good. The crafting system is extremely complex in regards to the variety of things you can make and their uses. The access to those recipes and the actual creating of the items is easy and even a brain dead horse would be able to manage it. The thrall system (Servants) makes this even easier and speeds up the process of everything as well as beef up your base defense. The single player is great for people who prefer solo play but it takes some fun out of the game in my opinion.


Conan Exiles is a sandbox game that blends crafting and survival seamlessly. It is worth just as much as it is priced if you’re willing to put in the time.

Conan Exiles











  • Rewarding Crafting
  • Sandbox Adventure
  • Multiplayer is fun
  • You get experience from everything

Not Cool

  • The Servers

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