Crackdown 3 DELAYED to Spring 2018

​A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.  -Shigeru Miyamoto

Announcement and Release Date

Crackdown 3 was first revealed at E3 2014 under the guise of a tech demo. It was touted as a game that would show the true potential and power of cloud computing. The level of detail to the destruction was revolutionary and almost seemed too amazing to be true.

At Gamescom 2015, 5 years after the release of its predecessor, Crackdown 3 was officially revealed. They once again showed off their impressive cloud computing destructive tech, offering twenty times more power than an original Xbox One.

News for Crackdown 3 seemed scarce and fans of the series began to worry with little information available on the title. Though everyone feared the worse, the game really resurfaced at E3 2017. It brought a bombastic new trailer, an endorsement from actor Terry Crews, and gameplay showing off the game. Even though the release day was seemingly in stone for November 7, 2017 (which we would later learn is the release date for the Xbox One X), fans and critics were still concerned. It looked fun but the lack of displaying the multiplayer and the unimpressive graphics concerned everyone.

Unfortunate Spring 2018 Delay

A couple of months after E3 and a couple of months before release, Microsoft had announced the delay of Crackdown 3. It’s now set for a tentative spring 2018 date. This was Microsoft’s big first-party game for the holiday and for the Xbox One X. Without Crackdown 3, Xbox has lost another exclusive the console desperately needs as their competitors dominate the market.

That quote at the start of this article expresses my feelings on the situation. Every console hits a rough patch and Xbox, unfortunately, seems to have it one. Crackdown 3 will be a better game than it is now for the delay, regardless of how it reviews. Releasing it now, or on the 7th of November as original promised, would do more harm than good because if the developers know something is wrong, the fans will know as well.

It’s unfortunate that we’ll have to wait for this exclusive, especially for fans of this action-packed series, but I’m a firm believer that delays are better than rushed products.

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