Crackdown 3 Hype to Doubt

I thought I’d talk about one of Microsoft’s big exclusives coming this here in the form of Crackdown 3. Already known about for several years and with at least one delay under its belt, can this game release to a resounding reception or will it launch but with a mere whimper? There is a lot riding on this game for Microsoft and the Xbox and I for one am all on board in wanting this game to succeed and have a large population.

Having played the first Crackdown game only a few years ago I found the game very fun with a great sense of freedom but I wouldn’t say it grabbed me like my favourite games. I enjoyed the movement in the game and the sense of power you as the player had. The story was average but the gameplay and action kept me coming back until I moved onto other, newer games on the current generation of consoles. But with Crackdown 3 Microsoft is aiming to go far beyond what the first game, and especially the average at best second game in the series which didn’t bring anything new to the franchise.

For gamers and fans, we haven’t seen this game since E3 2017 and even then it wasn’t what we really wanted to see. The single player component looked fun, the graphics stylish and vibrant, and the pace of the game was hectic and explosive. But where was the multiplayer? Where was this cloud-based multiplayer game changer that we had only seen in pre-Alpha footage two years prior to this in 2015? This is what fans and skeptics wanted to see. The massively destructive world where players could topple whole buildings which could then fall and impact and destroy other buildings and parts of the environment. Permanent destruction in a massively multiplayer online world. A level of destruction not possible on a single console but needing the power of cloud computing to process all the calculations which were taking place.

Where was this and how come we haven’t seen it again? This would require time to implement and with the delay of the game from last year, I can only assume it simply needed more time. With the barrage of complaints and negative talk surrounding Microsoft’s lack of exclusives lately on the Xbox, it’s in their interests to delay the game and talks the backlash than to release the game either broken or as merely a shell of an idea of what was shown and promised. I have confidence that Microsoft can deliver on the promise and they need to show the wait is worth. I’m hoping the cloud computing works great and is a showcase for what gamers can expect to be playing in the future especially in regards to multiplayer games.

I’m happy to wait for a final product that lives up to expectations and to play something very different. I do understand the concerns many gamers do have though as nothing has been shown of it for years and little to no new information has been given to satisfy people’s concerns. Perhaps we’ll see a huge amount of content at E3 with a release date soon after. I for one cannot wait to see what this game could do on a technical level on the Xbox One X and with cloud computing.

If Microsoft can nail it, then we could be seeing something on a level of detail and interactivity that we haven’t seen before. It’s a great time to be a gamer.

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