David Bateson about Hitman 2: “I think 47 has become more real”

After 19 years of giving voice to the legendary Silent Assassin, David Bateson shares his experience working on Hitman 2.

When actors have to play a role more than once or twice, they usually feel attached to their fictional characters. It makes sense, as they are turning into that character in order to give him or her life. Thus, it is not odd to hear the love of the true voice of Agent 47 for the cold killer, and how he even opposed at first while recording for the game. We heard Sean Bean already, and now it’s time to hear what David Bateson has to say about Hitman 2.

Once again, the people at UNILAD managed to have an interview with some of the voices behind the characters, and this time it was Bateson’s turn to talk about what he thinks about this sequel of the 2016 title:

[…] I was actually against [Agent 47 character], he talks a lot more. Agent 47 has been the Silent Assassin. When I was recording this game [I said] “this isn’t Agent 47! He’s cooler than that”, and they said “no… You’ll see it when you see it afterwards”. You’ll appreciate it, you’ll feel it if you like[…]

Following this, Bateson spoke about what happens when you give life to a character for more than 19 years:

[…] As an actor, you are normally only attached to a role if it’s in theater maybe two or three months or a film same kind of period maybe [but] 19 years is a whole different ballgame […] it feels like my best mate, a drinking buddy and trust me, I don’t know anyone who kills people for a living. I know a few people I’d like to kill! […]

After this killer joke (pun really intended), he adds as well:

[…] The relationship between the writers and myself over all these years that we’ve been literally grown up, so his dialogue has matured as we’ve matured and I think he has become more real. Scary to say that about somebody that kills people for a living […]

Bateson knows what’s on 47’s mind, and we sure as heck want to know this “growing up” of the character by the hands of IO Interactive once again. Let’s just hope they never go back to the Absolution route.

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