Battle Royale Featured Xbox

DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ to be featured in PUBG

Another day another battle royale announcement, this time it’s the turn of PUBG fighting back against Fortnite’s NFL announcement with one of their own. Announced yesterday on the official PUBG Twitter (@PUBG), you will soon be able to play as The Joker and Harley Quinn in the game. The announcement has brought different views across social media with many seeing the announcement as a bit of a fight back to Fortnite and maybe an attempt at turning more heads back to PUBG.

In an official trailer released on Twitter, PUBG shows the new upcoming skins but also shows us the new Prison Breakout mode which ties in quite nicely with the DC villian partnership.

There are no news on when the new skins and mode will be released yet as it has just been put out as “coming soon” but be sure to keep your eyes peeled right here for more official updates!

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