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Defenders Quest is a Tower Defense / RPG Hybrid focusing on tactical depth, customisation and story. That means no random, no spikey-haired emo kids, no forced time sinks and no tedious repetitive battles.

Published By: Level Up Labs, LLC

Release Date: 21/02/2018

Approx Download Size: 483.22 MB

Reviewed On Xbox One.

When I first came across this game I wasn’t the most impressed and got to admit wasn’t overly keen to review, the only reason for this is I am mainly a FPS player and most of my time (and money) is spent on this genre. RPG type games I normally avoid like the plague but having the chance to review different games is always appealing. Oh how wrong I was; the first level got me on the edge of my seat making sure my planned out defences could defeat the incoming hordes. Read on and see what I thought about the whole game.


You are playing the game as the Royal Librarian called Azra (although you can change the name to whatever you like in the customisation option at the beginning) who is banished after contracting a deadly plague. At the cut scene we are told you are dying and are taken out of the city and dumped into the pit, this is where the story kicks off as you are basically cast aside by society you decide to fight it out and make you way through the pit building your team up as you go. At the cutscenes these unfortunately for me are quite boring as there is no sound just stills and subtitles and are quite long to follow and I found myself quite often going for the skip option to get back to the action. If you have never played any tower-defense type game before the whole point of the game is to strategically place your defenses around maps to defeat waves of enemies. All the tower defense games I have played have always been towers with machine guns or turrets for weapons, this however feels quite different with a Final Fantasy type of feel thrown in for good measure.

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As you work your way through the pit going to different areas you meet with different characters who you add to your team and in turn building your defenses. Using some sort of mythical magic power you are able to strategically position each of your characters for the maximum impact and therefore been able to protect Azra from the on going onslaught of enemies. Now as I said earlier on, I really wanted to hate this game but I just couldn’t; the action is fast paced (or slowed down if you use the speed controls) and it really does have the “one more game” addictive gameplay as you get to understand the format more and more. In fact the only thing that does ruin it for me are the cut scenes with stills and backround music and subtitles to read which for me makes a boring mix.

But as much as I would hate to admit it, the game does grab you in and you find yourself immersed into it.

Graphics And Sound

The graphics to the game are pretty basic but that gives the game somewhat of a nostalgic vibe and fits the game well, the cut scenes are cartoon stills with subtitles and music thrown in for measure, this part of the game I didnt so much like as there are no voices from the characters and reading the scripts does at times become boring. Regarding the sound section, this one has a nostalgic vibe too with a soundtrack straight out of the 90s and the combat effects are of an old arcade style.


To sum up my thoughts of Defenders Quest, I really wanted to dislike the game but I just couldn’t with the addictive gameplay and nostalgic vibe it won me over within a few plays. Will it be a game I return back to again and again? Well, probably not, but it is a game I will keep in mind if the need ever arises.


Defenders Quest Valley of The Forgotten

Defenders Quest Valley of The Forgotten










  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Easy Enough to get into

Not Cool

  • Repetitive
  • Slightly Boring Cutscenes
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