Destiny 2 Development Roadmap


Today Bungie came out with a development roadmap of features, events and items that players will see over the coming weeks and months up until mid year. It is no secret that Destiny 2 has struggled since launch with more and more players walking away from the game due to lack of content and unwelcome changes to the game. Bungie promised they would be more open with their communication about the game this year and so far, they have been and this latest update give the fans some more definite details about what they can look forward to. Destiny 2 fans are currently playing through the Iron banner but beyond that, what can gamers expect from Bungie over the coming months? Lets take a look at what is on the cards for Destiny 2 in the near future…

Update 1.1.2 is already out into the wild when server maintenance was done yesterday and we knew already what some of this would include so lets touch on this quickly first. Armour masterworks were added as were Mercury challengers on Adventures and rewards were improved for the Raid. Challengers were added to Quickplay and Heroic Strike completions now have a greater chance to award an exotic. Various fixes were also pushed out with this update included an Ikora Waypoint Fix, a Prometheus Lens buff as well as several other small fixes to do with activities and the sandbox.

Now to the future. Moving on to February 27 will be the 1.1.3 update focusing on the Strikes and Social aspects of the game. Nightfall scoring and high score tracking will be added which should provide some more reasons to do these activities. The Nightfall Strikes may also have unique rewards but this addition may be pushed back. Smaller updates which players have wanted including a reworking of how emblems and auras work and being able to see fireteam members on the destination map are good additions. Even though it should have been fixed already, players should expect less exotic repetition. Changes should also be coming to the Companion app including vendor viewing, now being able to see what they are selling from the app. The companion app of Destiny 1 was a great way to stay connected to the Destiny world and your Guardians when not playing the game, an app that was head and shoulders better than Bungie has given us with Destiny 2.

Late March will see the 1.1.4 take effect where players will see Heroic Strikes modifiers added. This is great news and a reason for players to play Strikes more as long as the rewards are decent and it will add some much needed variety to Strikes. There will be weapon and ability sandbox changes but what these actually are remains to be seen and if the deadline of the update can be met, there will also be sandbox changes to exotic weapons and armour.

Perhaps even more welcome than any changes so far with be those made to the Crucible. Players will see Iron Banner 6v6, Mayhem will be apart of a weekly Crucible playlist and there will be gameplay tuning as well as changes to Crucible ammo but again, we don’t know exactly what that will be. Hopefully more changes are made to the Crucible and new content or rewards are added as the multiplayer component of Destiny 2 needs to be strong if the game is going to have longevity.


Once the March update has come and gone we will need to wait until May for the 1.2.0 update which will be the start of season 3. The Eater of Worlds Prestige mode will appear within the Leviathan along with exotic masterworks which is hopefully for both weapons and armour. Going hand in hand with this will be an increase in vault space although we dont know by how much and I’m hoping the increase isn’t because Bungie will start bringing back more Destiny 1 weapons. Faction Rallies will see improvements and there will be seasonal vendor progression but this is quite vague and we don’t know how god it will be until Bungie give more information. Mods System may see improvements but this may slip, hopefully it doesn’t as if it launches past May that would be almost 9 months where the mod system in Destiny was left as next to useless. Looking towards the PvP side of the game with this update, private matches will make their long awaited, and quite frankly, long overdue appearance as will seasonal rankings and hopefully these changes bring players back into the Crucible.

So those are the updates. Bungie could possibly announce more information regarding these updates or new information over the coming months as they get closer to release.


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