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Detroit: Become Human goes Gold, will be getting a PS4 Demo very soon…

Demos used to be amazing. A way to get an opportunity to play a segment of an upcoming game and decide whether or not you wanted to invest your hard earned cash on a full purchase. They’ve been a dying breed of late, replaced by various Early Access schemes via Alphas and Betas. Sony have decided to go back to the future though as tomorrow a demo for upcoming Sci-fi thriller Detroit: Become Human goes live on PS4.

The PS blog post making the announcement also confirms that the game has gone gold. This is great news as it guarantees there won’t be a delay and the title will definitely make its May 25th release date. The very first scene of the game, titled ‘Hostage’ is available to play in the aforementioned demo as a celebration for the game hitting this milestone.

I can’t wait to play Detroit in May, but that’s still a month away. Until then an absolutely incredible game just released is God of War, as well as this cool announcement from a classic JRPG series. For more stories like this and an eventual Detroit: Become Human review, stick to thelootgaming.com.

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