Did Telltale Games just tease The Walking Dead Season 4?!

In a cryptic tweet, Telltale Games left a single image with nothing said, allowing fans across the world to speculate what the team has in store for their point and click zombie apocalypse adventure.

Originally launching in 2012 (and winning several Game Of The Year awards) the series seemingly concluded in 2017 with A New Frontier. In totality, the franchise has launched three seasons, a supplemental episode, and a set of three episodes centering around popular comic book and T.V. adapted character Michonne.

Since The Walking Dead: A Final Frontier, it was revealed the next season would be the final one. Not much is known about the next entry but expect this to be the swan song of popular protagonist Clementine. Fans of the series have followed her journey from a sacred child to a mature adult, an emotional rollercoaster has she fight for survival and pushes herself forward.

If this truly is the final season, it’s been a damn good time and I look forward to what’s next for Telltale Games. If it’s not, I always welcome more of the great world and characters these developers have crafted. But, what do you think? Is this the final season? Are you happy with the series? Sad? Comment down below!

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