Dragon Ball Project Z is starting development this year

And it looks like Jiren will be a new DLC character for FighterZ!

What do you like the most about Dragon Ball games?

  • A: The exciting battles!
  • B: The incredible characters!
  • C: leveling up with RPG mechanics.

That’s right, it’s… C? Huh. Well, Bandai Namco must be right about that, because they announced that 2019 will be the year Dragon Ball Project Z starts development. What’s Project Z, you may ask? Well, it’s a new Action RPG Dragon Ball game, of course!

dragon ball project z 2

Announced by Bandai Namco on Twitter, Project Z will be a title that will start development this year. And that’s… Mostly all we can say, to be honest:

OK, fine, there’s more to it. Aside from this mysterious game, they also hinted a new DLC character for FighterZ. If this “Warrior from Universe 11” is none other than Jiren, I will be mad because it’s not Janemba AND WE WANT JANEMBA, NAMCO! Sorry, but I needed that.

Check our Dragon Ball FighterZ review!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

All this information will be updated once we reach the Finals in the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2019, place that will also add new information regarding the Second Season Pass of FighterZ as well. All praise for Janemba to join the roster!

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