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E3 2018: Dante returns in a brand new Devil May Cry title!

Devil May Cry is returning to consoles in Spring 2019 with Devil May Cry 5. The trailer featured in incredible soundtrack, some top notch action and some stunning looking demons. The game has been long rumored and being shown on the Xbox stage at E3 2018 debunks the rumor that it was going to be a Playstation exclusive. Devil May Cry 4 released ten years ago. Devil May Cry 5 releases Spring 2019.

Hidiaki Itsuno will return as the director, he also directed Dragon’s Dogma. The Devil May Cry HD collection recently came to PS4 and Xbox One. For all your E3 2018 news, stick to thelootgaming.com

Dante now looks like the uncle we’re all ashamed of.
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