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E3 2018: Déraciné Revealed for PlayStation VR
FromSoftware & SIE Japan Studio’s New Collaboration

Déraciné, A new collaborative PSVR project between FromSoftware and SIE Japan studio, was revealed during Playsation’s uniquely ambitious E3 2018 Presentation. Déraciné is an all new adventure game in an isolated boarding school where you, the player, control a “faerie,” which is invisible to the naked eye, embarking on an emotional story in a world frozen in time.

Masaaki Yamagiwa from SIE Japan Studio further elaboarated, “our goal as we develop this title is to use the latest in VR technology to create a traditional adventure game or visual novel where the user explores a quiet world teeming with mysteries.”

Yamagiwa went on to explain that Déraciné’s single most important element is “the bond between the player, an unseen faerie, and the children of the boarding school. This is shown using fragmented storytelling, where the user pieces events together from scatttered story elements, and a setting where time is frozen[,] all . . . coming together in a compelling, emotional narrative.”

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