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E3 2018: Fallout 76 is an online game, release date revealed!

Fallout 76 will release November 14th 2018! 

The game is going to be an online survival RPG. You will be able to play the game solo. However, game director Todd Howard explained that it will be a far more enjoyable experience as part of a group. It was referred to as ‘softcore survival.’ The short gameplay video showed four player traveling around together, fighting in game enemies as well as other player controlled humans.

Building has a major gameplay application, you can build bases for your friends to gather in. As the world is populated by many players there is a lot going on, a safe space to rest and plan is necessary. A huge addition to the gameplay is the nuclear silos all over the map. Like megaton in Fallout 3, you’ll be able to blow things up and create nuclear wasteland of your own. These wastelands will have better loot and allow you to destroy enemy players camps or monster settlements.

Todd Howard also showed off this incredibly cool collectors edition which includes a wearable Power Armor helmet. Doesn’t get much better than that folks. For all your E3 2018 news from Bethesda and beyond, stick to thelootgaming.com

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