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E3 2018: New Hitman 2 Gameplay trailer revealed!

What an explosive trailer. This is the new sandbox location in Hitman 2, situated in Miami. As you can see in the trailer it is incredibly vibrant and colorful, the setting is absolutely action packed as there is a high octane car race taking place while Agent 47 gets on with his day job. The trailer actually shows off just how many ‘day jobs’ the assassin can have, there is a huge variety of outfits that you can take advantage of.

Hitman 2 is due to release November 13th, 2018. The pictures collector’s edition will give fans access to the game on November 9th, four days early. If you can’t wait to explore the new universe IO interactive has created while working with publisher Warner Bros  Interactive then this edition is your way to go! The developers have promised that the sequel to 2016’s Hitman will have a variety of new locales for Agent 47 to get his hands dirty in, from luscious rainforests to dark and dingy streets.

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