E3 2018: Pirates of the Caribbean world and beautiful custom PS4 Pro console revealed for Kingdom Hearts 3
Grab the entire collection in one purchase?

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A Pirates of the Caribbean world has been showcased beautifully in the Kingdom Hearts exhibition of the PlayStation E3 presentation. The entire cast seems to be there and everyone looks amazing in the Disney movie quality graphics that the series has always strived for. The footage shows some heart racing high seas style battles blended seamlessly with deep sea exploration. The clip shows Sora using pirate themed techniques to vanquish his enemies as well as a change to the action menu based on the world that you’re inhabiting. Along with that we also see Toy Story, Frozen, Tangled, and Monster Inc included in the trailer. I am sure Disney fans and Kingdom Hearts lovers hearts are fluttering with glee. Oh!  1.5,  2.5, 2.8 AND 3 will also be available in one complete package! Unfortunately little details were provided. Keep your eyes peeled folks. Can’t wait for January 29th 2019. There is also going to be a custom Playstation console released alongside the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is still months away, plenty of games are even closer. Two examples are Black Ops IIII and Spider-Man! Stick to thelootgaming.com for all your E3 needs.

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