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E3 2018: Starlink: Battle for Atlas release date announced, Star Fox cross over revealed!

Toys to life space adventure Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch October 16th 2018!

That’s not all that they revealed about Starlink. From the official site, Fox Mcloud has come “To Atlas in pursuit of Wolf O’Donnell and his crew, and he has teamed up with the Starlink initiative in their fight against Grax and the Forgotten Legion.” That’s right, its a Star Fox crossover. You’ll be able to fly as Fox Mcloud and pilot his legendary ship. True to the game’s theme, there’ll be a figurine to match the in game content.

It’s great to see the Star Fox crew back in action, albeit we have to wait for October. For all the latest news on what games we can play right now, stick to thelootgaming.com.

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