E3 2018: Whatever happened to PS VR?

Playstation VR has had a decent year so far. With top quality titles like Apex Construct and Moss, as well as first party experiences like The Inpatient and Bravo Team, the platform is receiving varied support. However, the platform barely featured at all in Sony’s E3 2018 showcase. Is it going the way of the Vita? Fortunately, it doesn’t seem so.

This was the sizzle reel shown. Now of course Sony used to show Vita sizzle reels, but it didn’t mean the platform was getting any support. With PS VR it isn’t that simple.

As the platform is a peripheral adjacent to their main console, there is more room for creativity and mistakes. We’ve already seen huge titles like Resident Evil 7 launch fully compatible with PS VR but also fully playable without the headset whatsoever. One of the announced games in the showcase, Trover Saves the Universe, also appears to take this approach. With that freedom in mind, PS VR’s future seems much safer. Sony themselves had fourteen VR games at their E3 2018 booth.

Using the booth to publicize these as well as using the sizzle reel should offer some much needed publicity to the platform. On top of this, Beat Saber was actually announced by Playstation in their E3 pre show.

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With the first party Blood and Truth lacking and Dreams still being in an odd place then Sony seems to be leaving the brunt of the support to third parties. Such as From Software’s Deracine. We know almost nothing outside of this reveal trailer.

All in all there isn’t a cause for concern. PS VR is in a healthy place right now. As triple A publishers like Bethesda continue to offer support while triple A developers like From Software get in on the action then in terms of games its an exciting time to own the platform. Hopefully Sony double down on their support going forward. For all your E3 2018 news, stick to thelootgaming.com

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