E3 floor plans reveal booth sizes of the big three publishers and more

Resetera user Rosti has done some investigating and managed to dig up the preliminary floor plans for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3. The event runs from 13th-15th June and will feature huge reveals and trailers for the industries’ biggest games. The majority of publishers and developers have a presence at E3, although some have more than others. The floor plans reveal how much space each company is using for booths, demos and video game displays. You can use this link (Edit: it appears that this section of the Expresso website has been removed for now) to get PDF files with all the floor plans, the webpage also confirms that the deadline to make orders for booths has expired meaning that despite the plans being preliminary, they are likely to be close to the final product.


We can see here that Sony has yet again taken the largest space. Nintendo’s booth is slightly smaller but significantly larger than the rest.

Microsoft have taken a smaller space than they had in 2017, which was still small compared to most other developers and publishers. Square Enix and Take Two have large booths compared to other years, both publishers have some big games between them they’ll be eager to show off. These could include the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Avengers video game.

Some more interesting notes is that Konami have reserved a theater. This is unlikely to be a full press conference but could indicate that they have a large game to show off to a big audience, something related to Metal Gear perhaps? Finally Nintendo have a smaller space reserved near their booth, indications being this will be an area dedicated to their Labo range. E3 rumors and details will continue to trickle out of LA over the coming months, for all of these and more keep your eyes on thelootgaming.com.

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