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Earth Defense Force 5 release date revealed

I absolutely adored playing Earth Defense Force on the PS Vita. This is a game series that does something very rare in the video game industry: prioritises fun. It goes over the top. It revels in chaos. It has a billion objects on screen at any one time flying in every direction and still gives you the opportunity to introduce a billion more. Then cause a billion explosions as you destroy everything in sight. Also there’s a giant frog/mech creature. You’d be forgiven for not believing me. Rightly so. Check out this trailer…

Giant deadly ants. Tanks. Spaceships. Lasers. The aforementioned mecha-kermit. In EDF5 the fate of the world is in your hands as the day of reckoning as finally arrived at humanity’s doorstep. Armed only with a few machine guns, a jet pack, some tanks, bazookas, laser weaponry…. I could go on until Final Fantasy VII remake comes out. There is an absolute ton of ammunition on offer here for you to battle against the hordes to save your beloved home planet. The exciting thing for fans of the series is that this will be the biggest entry yet:
– Over 100 missions
– Five difficulty settings
– Over 100 weapons (told you I could go on)
– Four player online co-op
– New humanoid alien race

Luckily Earth Defense Force 5 isn’t far away, it’s landing on Earth December 11th 2018!


Just in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for more Earth Defense Force news very very soon. In the meantime why not check out my GRIP Combat Racing preview? It’s fantastic fun and I can’t wait to play more!

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