EGX 2018: Just Cause 4 Presentation

Yesterday at EGX I had the chance to see the Square Enix Just Cause 4 presentation in which Simon Miller talked us through a demo of the game.



If you thought Just Cause 3 was massive and altogether slightly crazy, then multiply that by 100 and you get somewhere close to the scale of Just Cause 4.



The massive world of Just Cause 4 is split into different subsections or biomes as they are called; stand on the top of a mountain and in the distance, you can see snowy mountain tops and vast deserts alongside forests and woodland. Each biome has its own weather systems; the snowy mountain tops will be tricky to move around and you will have full on snow storms to deal with. Jump in a buggy in the desert and you can have a blast in the open ranges, take it to the forest and you will struggle to get through the thick trees. Everything you can see in Just Cause 4 you can get to and explore… it truly is a massive game world.

With Just Cause 4 being Just Cause, you can do just about anything and drive just about anything; if you are bored of just driving cars, call your air support to drop in a Fighter Jet or maybe you want a Tank. It’s all possible and all driveable. From the gameplay we were shown, the Fighter Jet looks a whole lot of fun to fly doing loops through the mountains, tearing through the skies in all kind of craziness, and what happens when you get bored of flying? Well, it’s Just Cause 4, you just jump out with your bat suit and you send the plane crashing to the floor with booms and fire everywhere in beautiful chaos.

Next up Simon showed us the updated and upgraded grapple hook, grapple on to the red and white barrels, send them flying to the air with one shot and boom you have homemade missiles. One big upgrade is the floating device which is basically a balloon you shoot from the grapple, attach this to the red and white barrels, get up in the air and shoot the balloons and you have giant grenades. One of my favourite things we were shown is when Rico attaches a floating device to an unsuspecting bystander and then sends them flying to the skies, and why would Rico do that? Well, because it’s Just Cause 4 and there are no morals. Want a different way to get around then? Call in a Tank drop, attach a few floating devices and off you go with a flying tank, an awesome weapon should you need to take down an enemy stronghold.

Another really cool upgrade to the arsenal we saw is the Wind Gun, which shoots air bursts to fire objects at your enemies or if you’re feeling a bit naughty, it can be used to send innocent people on impromptu flying lessons all in the name of good fun.

Being a big fan of the Just Cause franchise, it’s great to see that Square Enix has stuck with the formula that has worked with the series so far and improved on that. It was great to see what is coming with the game and to make it sweeter, I and my son were lucky enough to be one of the few to receive a free cap, which is pretty awesome to be fair!


Just Cause 4 will be available 4th December on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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