Epic Games Store has a HUGE advantage over Steam: Store curation

Recently Steam has had a fair amount of scandals. A visual novel named ‘Rape Day’ made it onto the service and was available for download. It’s as bad and horrifying as it sounds and was eventually pulled from sale for good reason. Last year, there was a Russian developed school shooting game where the player could control the shooter and gun down children. Disgusting. Wrong. Steam also has the problem of the thousands of utter shit that makes it to the PC’s Primary storefront. At this point 90% of the games on sale are shovelware. Epic Games have decided their store will not have that problem.


Epic has had a ton of good PR recently. Metro Exodus was exclusive to the platform and sold 2.5x as many copies as the prior game in the series. Recently they secured from PlayStation exclusives Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. Via an interview with The Verge, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has been very vocal at GDC 2019:

“Epic has two different philosophies. When we’re building tools, we respect developers’ complete creative freedom. It can be used for the development for anything that’s legal. You can make a game we disagree with. But when it comes to the store, marketing, and Fortnite, we prioritize high-quality experiences.”

We’ll turn down crappy games that are submitted to the Epic Store, we’re not going to accept pornographic or shock content of any kind. We’re not in the porn business here. PC is an open platform, and those devs can reach gamers in any other way they want.”

Strong words. Strong Shade thrown at Valve and Steam. Epic Games recently got Ubisoft AAA juggernaut The Division 2 as an exclusive. They are clearly making a splash in the market due to their more developer friendly policies and genuine competition to Valve and Steam is a welcome prospect.

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