Eternity: The Last Unicorn Review

I have a soft spot for this game for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s an action-RPG. Definitely the best gaming genre. Secondly, it’s set in Norse mythology. Amazing. Thirdly, it prominently features a Unicorn. The National animal of Scotland. Yes, we’re f*cking crazy and made our National animal a mythological creature. This is the first game from Void Studios and they’ve set their sights high. The price is £15.99 and they claim you’ll get twelve hours of gameplay… but you’ll get three times that. There is also a fixed camera perspective which brought a great sense of nostalgia.

The story is a highlight and the amount of lore packed into the world is fantastic. The team really took advantage of the setting and included a lot of fantastic sights. The character who helps you craft is a highlight as is every boss, including a great wolf (remind you of anyone?). The two protagonists are interesting and diverse enough to feel totally unique from each other. You have the young elf Aurehen who aims to protect her friend, the titular Unicorn who is suffering from a dark curse and the Viking Bior, a true warrior looking for answers to the questions of his past. These seem like typical fantasy tropes but they really aren’t. Character interactions are fun and charming despite there not being any voice acting.


The two characters play differently. Aurehen has a bow and a quick dodge that she can use to her advantage. Bior is slower and stronger but has a shield that he can block with. I liked the combat. It’s slow and clunky but also methodical and encourages a tactical approach. The main loop is dodge/block then attack rinse and repeat. It’s simple but never ever gets repetitive, even when you’ve been grinding for hours. You’ll need to grind. The game is tough. Even basic enemies can be deadly if you haven’t thought ahead. There are checkpoints though which is handy. The enemy variety is good, there are big brutish types as well as little goblins and even wraiths, zombies and weird plant things. You level up by killing enemies and getting XP. There is a currency in the game which you can use to buy items and to upgrade your armory, something that is vital to progression. You can also use certain items to boost your attack or health as well as regain health whenever you kill enemies.

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In terms of production value Eternity kind of falls flat. It isn’t a pretty game. There’s no voice acting. It crashed on me a couple of times and enemies got stuck on objects in the game or even just completely glitched out. However, occasionally areas and character models did look great. Some really stood out and showed the potential that the game that.


The best way to look at Eternity is a game of lost potential. There are so many excellent ideas here, it's clear what the developers intended the game to be. The production value falls way short of modern standards but still has some stunning moments. The story is great but could have benefited from more character development and dialogue options. The combat is fun but very clunky, if it was more fluid it would really be fantastic. If you're a fan of old school action-RPGs then there is something here for you to enjoy. Despite the issues, I did enjoy my time with the game and I think I'll go back and attempt to platinum it in the summer.
  • Story is intriguing
  • Gameplay has fun moments
  • Plenty of content
  • Clunky combat
  • Graphics aren't great
  • Sound effects are a let down

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