Europe, Middle East and Africa Video Game Sales Charts: Mario & Crash are dominating the world!

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy on Nintendo Switch is the top selling video game at retail in the European, Middle East and African market. EMEA for short, has its sales information compiled by the GSD every week. As you can see on the chart, Nintendo and Sony are totally dominating this region, only two Xbox One games have broken the top 20.  Other notable titles include The Crew 2 at second place and Mario Tennis Aces holding onto to third despite being displaced from the top spot. God of War continues to impress with yet another top ten position. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare must have had a huge sale on in these regions, it jumped from 114th to 20th in the chart. This does not include the UK.

The Digital top 25 paints a different picture. By comparing with last weeks numbers it’s evident that something has impacted the numbers, but what? The Steam sale is the answer. Games like Life is Strange jumped over 2000 places to number 24, Sid Meier’s Civilisation V experienced a nearly 10,000 place jump. Unfortunately, it only managed to rise 9,721 places to 23rd. As Nintendo does not share digital data they aren’t included on this chart at all.

It’s always interesting to see what games the community, from causals to hardcore, are supporting. It turns out Crash Bandicoot is getting the most support from you all, but Europeans also love FIFA. For more gaming news and reviews, stick to

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