Everything announced at the 30th anniversary event for Mega Man. 

A certain stigma afflicts some franchises on feet the course of their life. The creators, publishers, no longer see them viable as time passes. This became more apparent when embittered the modern era add left what many feel was the Golden age of gaming. 

One of the things 2017 seems to have done is bring seemingly long forgotten franchises back from the dead. Nintendo had fine it with Metroid and now Capcom has decided to bring back Mega Man.

For some reason Capcom wanted nothing to do with the franchise, aside from compilation collections. When Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled and Keiji Inafune departed from the company, all hope of Mega Man returning completely dissipated. When the 30th anniversary event was announced, I figured it was to announce Mega Man themed DLC for other franchises.

I’m pleased to announce that the event over delivered. This was what all fans of the iconic franchise could have ever hoped for, especially Nintendo Switch owners.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 (featuring the original 6 games) and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (featuring games 7 – 10 with all the DLC for entries 9 and 10 included) will now be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

A new rewind mechanic will be included for helping when mistakes are made and will be added to other versions already released via a patch.

A new collection, containing 8 Mega Man X games were also announced for current consoles, Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The highlight of this stream and the biggest announcement that brought joy to millions, was the announcement of Mega Man 11. With a more modern style, ditching the 8bit style, as some gameplay to ease the fans that got burned from Mighty No.9 (which was suppose to be what Mega Man 11 seemingly will). Owners of Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PS4 will be able to enjoy this game.

Rejoice and use this opportunity to vote with your wallet because these being successful will make this franchise stay. 2018 maybe the year of Mega Man.

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