Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

First Person Shooter ‘Evasion’ PS VR release date revealed

PS VR is really hitting its stride. Just recently Sony announced that the headset had surpassed 3 million sales worldwide. Along the way the platform has amassed a lot of amazing titles, Firesprite’s The Persistence, PlayStation’s own Farpoint, Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct and who could forget Skyrim VR? Now Archiact are looking to join this elusive club with Evasion and based on this trailer alone it’s in with a chance:

So what is the game?

  • Narrative campaign
  • Survival mode
  • Solo or co-op play
  • Four playable classes

To be perfectly honest I could describe it in insane depth. I could tell you everything we know so far. But that would be unfair. That wouldn’t do justice to Evasion. Instead anything reading this should just do exactly what I done and watch the trailer again. The game looks beautiful and the action looks fluid and intense. As it’s developed by veteran VR studio Archiact then the options available for player comfort are expected to be excellent, Studio Head Kurt Busch said:

“The team’s vision of this game has been to deliver the definitive VR combat experience, and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with outstanding hardware and technology partners in creating this. Community engagement and feedback has played a major role throughout development and we’re really excited to finally deliver Evasion into the hands of gamers everywhere on October 9th.”

So there you have it. October 9th. In one final piece of beautiful news; it’s compatible with the Aim Controller! You can pre-order it right here.

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