Five Things I wish I’d known at the outset of No Man’s Sky

Hello Games has crafted a robust space exploration game, with a lot of content. Here are five things that will help beginners navigate the game and become rulers in their own galaxies.


  • The best things in life aren’t always free: early on in my first playthrough on Xbox One, I stumbled upon a distress beacon and a crashed ship. The ship was a huge upgrade over the initial ship you are given, however, the promise of a hugely increased inventory clouded my judgement to the fact that most slots were filled with broken parts that needed repair. Sounds easy enough? But after spending hours searching around for materials to repair some of the more difficult repairs (damn you Chromatic Metal!), I found that I may have been better served spending the time trading materials and purchasing a new ship outright without the hassle of having to fix it up. This goes double for multi-tools, as I was constantly offered new tools with fewer inventory slots.


Upgrading your scanner will yield bigger rewards!


  • Save your nanites: You may be tempted to use nanites for new weapons on your multi-tool or starship, but save those nanites. The best use early on is to spend these on technology upgrades instead of blueprints, and there’s one upgrade I can think of in particular.


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  • Upgrade your scanner early on: there are opportunities at space stations to purchase technology upgrades from the merchants who deal in nanties. The best upgrade of the lot is the scanner upgrade, which increases your rewards for scanning flora and fauna on the planets. If you play your cards right you can be earning some serious money every time you touch down on a planet and start scanning away.


  • Don’t neglect your exosuit: I didn’t notice right away, but every time you touch down on a space station there is an opportunity to add a slot on your exosuit. Once again, these are by the merchants who deal in nanites – go to the holographic exosuit icon and you can upgrade any of your exosuit slots for a reasonable sum. 

Upgrade your exosuit here!


  • Learn your menus: I also neglected to look at my menus early on and installed technology in my cargo portion of the exosuit, instead of in the technology area. It’s not only your inventory menus that will help you, however, as the main menus will help you with story progression, achievement hunting and planetary zoology.

Good luck space hunters!

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