‘Fly Punch Boom!’ is basically anime Super Smash Bros

Tired of Fighting games that don’t get the whole “exploding mountains” thing? Fear not, because Fly Punch Boom! could be the solution to this issue.

The greatest thing about this job is that developers eventually reach you with their crazy projects. Today’s title looks like something that came out straight from the mind of a child, but not in a bad way. I mean, playing gloomy and dark titles is all fine and dandy. But sometimes you just want to kick someone so hard that they crash against a building, destroying it in the process. Up to this day, there are almost no games that managed to achieve this feat. However, this could change this year with Fly Punch Boom!, the latest title of Gabriele Libera.

Jollypunch Games is the studio behind this frantic 2D fighter. In this game, we will be able to send our foes against all kinds of environments and places. Have you ever played with your action figures smashing them against each other? This looks basically like that but in a digital format, and I just love it. We can smash buttons, break faces, obliterate the Earth by punching someone so hard against it that it breaks in half… I mean, I don’t really know what do you want me to say at this point. This title has mad potential to be one of the wackiest and most fun titles of this year!

Fly Punch Boom! will hopefully arrive on 2019, but I wouldn’t mind if it comes out next year. The more polished a game about getting thrown against the moon’s arse is, the happier I’ll be with the final results. And just in case you don’t feel like having fun, you can always go and read something boring like our review of a really dull game.

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