Former Uncharted Developer revealed as Senior Game Designer of secret Playstation Studio

After leaving Naughty Dog to work as a Senior Game Designer on a PC survival game, Quentin Cobb has returned to the Playstation family.

It is currently a total mystery what he’s working on. All we really know is that he referred to the studio as a ‘Secret’. This could mean it is a brand new studio being kept totally under wraps, it could also mean he’s keeping the name of an established studio secret. There is the new ‘Sony San Diego’ studio that is currently working in tandem with a ‘Major Sony development studio’. There is every chance that Cobb is being hired to work there, potentially collaborating with Naughty Dog due to his history. Fuel to the fire was added when Cobb’s LinkedIn revealed he’s based in San Diego.

Who knows what this means? Quentin Cobb and PlayStation know, but unfortunately not me. When we do find out we’ll make sure to let you all know, E3 2018 is very close after all and that’ll bring a ton of news! Bookmark to find out all of it!

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