Fornite Battle Royale has more Monthly Active Users than GTA V

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is an entertainment behemoth. With over 90 million copies sold and an increase in year on year revenue despite releasing nearly five years ago, the open world action game is unstoppable. However thanks to the current popularity of Battle Royale games, Fortnite is matching the insane GTA V success, at least for the time being. Fortnite is free to play, so this makes it easier to access than GTA, but GTA’s immense install base really highlights just how incredibly popular Fornite Battle Royale is. According to Superdata; a company who provides information and statistics about video games and interactive media,

‘Fortnite earned more additional content revenue on console than any game other than Call of Duty: WWII and now has more monthly active users than Grand Theft Auto V in February 2018’.

The free to play console market grew 359% in February 2018 compared to 2017. This is completely attributed to Fortnite: BR. The free to play addition to Epic Games’ Fortnite: Save the World early access title only launched in September 2017 and received little to no marketing, especially compared to Xbox console exclusive Player Unknown Battlegrounds, which was shown off by Microsoft on their stage at E3 2017. PC sales of PUBG have declined for the second month in a row, but the game impressively still sold over 2.5 million digital copies across Xbox One and PC in February.

Here @ thelootgaming we understand the current Battle Royale craze. I love Fortnite and I know why it drives kids crazy and will have folks distracted anywhere now that its mobile. That’s why were proud to be launching a Battle Royale Hub! If you have any clips you’d like featured in any Battle Royale game, send them in! Otherwise stick to it for all your BR news and features.

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