Fortnite Season 5 announcement and Battle Pass trailers revealed alongside new map, see them here!

Battle Royale Featured Multi-platform

After weeks of speculation we finally know what Fortnite’s 5th season will focus on. The announcement trailer shows how real world objects have fallen through the rifts in Fortnite and entered the game world and vice versa!

The Battle pass trailer shows off a variety of unlockable items, over 100 are available! Some of those new gliders look really unique.

And finally we have the reveal of the new map which has plenty of changes. The football pitch is gone. Moisty Mire has suffered a drought. God knows what’s happening on top of that mountain. A golf course has replaced a farm. And so on so forth, drop in and explore!

There is way more to write about here but instead I’m going to go play some Fortnite! If you want to know everything the update has brought check here.

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