Fortnite to Cut out Google Play Store

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Epic Games has announced that Fortnite is coming to Android devices but you won’t find it on the Play Store as Epic has decided that they will cut out Google Play altogether and users will be able to download the game directly from Epic’s site via an installer program. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has said the main reason for cutting Google Play was to maintain a direct relationship with the players, they have done a similar thing for the PC and Mac where players can install directly rather than using Steam but Epic still need to utilise Apple’s App Store for iOS due to the closed nature of their software.

Another reason for this decision is that Google Play take a 30% cut off the top of all in-app purchases made through the store, this was deemed unfair by Epic as they believe it is too high as the other 70% is left for the developers to cover their costs. With the game already out on iOS and raking in a whopping $25milliòn in the first month alone through in-app purchases, it’s understandable why Epic would be reluctant to give away 30% of that.

It is also rumored that Fortnite will be a timed exclusive with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Samsung offering 15,000 VBucks with pre-orders of the device which can only be deemed a very smart move by Samsung.

No release date has been announced for Android as yet but we will keep you updated whenever we know.