Fortnite: Your guide to the Week 3 Battle Pass Challenges

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I have been playing a lot of Fortnite Battle Royale recently. I can’t stop. When I’m not playing I’m writing about it. With this in mind I’ve decided to start a weekly guide on the Battle Pass challenges that developer Epic Games release every week to help give players a sharp boost to their Battle Pass tiers.

Week 3’s challenges are significantly easier and more fun to achieve than Week 2:

  • Harvest building resources with a pickaxe: This requires you to harvest 3,000 resources from various sources throughout the game. It is self explanatory and very easy to get through natural play as you destroy trees and walls.
  • Deal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents: Another easy challenge requiring the player to deal 500 damage to enemies with Suppressed Weapons. The main weapons included are SMGs and Pistols. I got it pretty easily with the common suppressed SMG in two matches, if you down and eliminate someone in squads it counts as 200 damage, three kills you and 5 stars are yours.
  • Search Chests in Junk Junction: This requires you to search 7 chests in the area at the top left of the map Junk Junction. The main locations of the chests are: Highest floor in the central building, two in the middle floor of the same building, one slightly north of the basketball court, one on top of a car pile in the bottom left of the area, one on the second floor of the building to the west, one in the basement in the same building. The complication with getting these is that this challenge makes the area much busier than usual. Be very cautious on your approach and aim to land as close as possible to a weapon.
  • Land on different Bullseyes: From the Battle Bus at the start of the game you’ll see areas marked with red circles indicating a Bullseye. You need to land on 7 of these. An example is the soccer field in Pleasant Park. There is usually a Chest at the centre of the Bullseye though so don’t worry about missing out on weapons. If you want to speed up the process you can use a bounce pad to relaunch yourself into the air and land on more spots in a single match.
  • Crossbow Eliminations: As simple as eliminating one opponent with a Crossbow. This challenge will net you 10 stars if you can manage it. The Crossbow deals pretty good damage and has a decent rate of fire, a fast moving enemy will easily dodge the attacks though. Save this for when you have an easy kill lined up.
  • Eliminate opponents in Salty Springs: Defeat 3 enemies in the specified area of the map. Another challenge worth 10 stars that can be easily achieved in one match. This area of the map is very well populated so make sure to aim your descent well enough that you get a weapon immediately. Getting a shotgun in this area can get you all 3 kills in one match, it worked for me in Duos!
  • Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores: If you head to Snobby Shores on the Western point of the map you’ll locate a treasure map somewhere within that area. Tracking down the indicated location on the map will net you 10 stars! If you want to skip the process I’ll include both the map and the actual treasure location at the bottom of this article.


Following this guide you’ll get 4000 XP and 50 stars in mere hours and you can get back to focusing on those Victory Royales, I’ve included the screenshot of my first just for good measure. For all your gaming news from Fortnite to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and beyond keep your eyes on