Forza Motorsport 7 is coming!

The countdown has begun people, this is not a drill. We are getting really near the launch of quite possibly one of the best (if not the best) racing games of all time; Forza Motorsport 7. With early access launching 29th September and then the retail launch not far behind on October 3rd, excitement levels are indeed at a all time high for the next installment of what is truly a game changer.

What can we expect then from Forza 7 and are we to believe the hype? Well the game itself is promising to change the concept of race games once more with no less than 700 cars to choose from at launch and 32 of the world’s greatest tracks for you to race them on. Now not only that, but you are also getting a massive career mode in the Forza Drivers Cup and pairing that with the immersive online experience Turn 10 truly are setting the bar even higher with this one. Let’s not forget the customisation side of Forza, which for me, sets it aside from the competition.

Turn 10 have said that the marketplace won’t be available at launch but will come available once the community grows; there will be a massive amount of customising possibilities available to keep you occupied in the meantime. One final little nugget we need to mention is the support for Xbox One X which for me is something I’m really looking forward to as, let’s be fair, the graphics of Forza games have always been next level so Forza in glorious 4k is going to be something to truly behold.

I for one am really pumped up for the release of Forza and can’t wait to see what the full game looks like!

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