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Two of the most popular Battle Royale games right now, Fortnite and PUBG, have both released a mobile version for iOS and Android.

This, by all means, is a huge step for mobile gaming, since there were already some BR games on the market but none of those were too polished.

With PUBG being the latest addition, a lot of users have tried it and are sharing their victories. The amount of success rate can seem weird; we all know how hard can be to remain the last man standing.

As initially reported by The Verge, the most plausible conclusion is the addition of bots. Some players have noticed the lack of skill of in game opponents, which could confusingly lead to think it’s due to the harder controls on phone. But apparently it’s not.

PUBG Corp hasn’t made any official statements regarding Bots yet, but the main theory is that it’s a way to aid new players, in other words, less skill, more bots and more skill, less bots.

This is a good idea for a tutorial for example or to deal with a lack of player count, but anyhow, it should be stated in the game and should not be overused.

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