Frozen Synapse 2 Review

Frozen Synapse 2 is a turn-based tactical shooter. Lead teams of armed soldiers to fulfill your missions. The gameplay of Frozen Synapse 2 is quite unique, all turns happen at the same time. This makes the game quite challenging. If you want to do any damage, you’ll have to predict the movements of your enemies.

Besides quick single or multiplayer matches, you can play city mode. Conquer a city filled with hostile factions and many other hazards.

The game is fun and very creative, but it can get a bit overwhelming. Sometimes less is more. It’s easy to get lost with all those options, it’s better to keep it simple and stick to the basic commands until you get the hang of it.

Size: 4 GB

Genre: Turn-based Tactics

Developed by: Mode 7

Published by: Mode 7

Reviewed on PC.

Download link: Steam.


Frozen Synapse has a futuristic theme. When playing in city mode you’ll find yourself in a new society born out of the chaotic end of the old one. A society ruled by corruption and force. Different factions hold dominion over the city. Your mission is to become the most powerful faction and conquer the city.

You will need to build up resources by completing contracts and managing real estate. Maintain political alliances, usually at gunpoint. Hire, train and equip manpower and most importantly mess with the operations of rival factions.

Your biggest concern will be dealing with Sonata. A creepy faction filled with sneaky dudes. They’re clearly up to something, and you don’t want them to spoil what’s soon to be your city.


Frozen Synapse brings an interesting twist to the classic turn-based tactical genre. Both turns (yours and your opponent’s turn) happen at the same time. While setting your commands you will be able to test the movements of your soldiers. But beware, once you commit your soldiers will follow that path, regardless of what your opponent is up to.

This makes the game very challenging, especially while playing multiplayer. Your actions can’t be reckless but they can’t be predictable either. It’s up to you to find the right balance. Remember to keep in mind each soldier’s weapon; otherwise, you might end up bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Besides the basic commands such as “go there, aim here”, you have advanced options such as duck, wait, shoot on sight, and more. The idea of the game is combining this commands to create detailed instructions. So for example, soldier one will run to cover and wait for the enemy, while soldier two gets to the window to flank them. Add to these assault weapons, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers… It can get pretty messy.

The game can get a bit slow sometimes. Shooters tend to be associated with fast pasted gameplays. In this case, the action usually happens five seconds at a time. Now, this brings something interesting to the table. Allowing you to give meticulous commands to each unit while keeping the chaotic fun brawl.


Frozen Synapse 2 uses translucid artwork to resemble a futuristic satellite command screen. You’ll see your soldiers as glows with human shapes. Same will go for the enemies and environment.

The psychedelic coloring immerses you into the futuristic theme of the game. The guys at Mode 7 did a great job with the different shooting effects. Frozen Synapse 2 has a wide variety of weapons, each with different shooting partners and effects. When its time to watch the outcome you’ll have no trouble finding the action.

The uniformity of the artwork can get a little annoying while playing City Mode. There is a lot of information going around and the shapeless designs blend too much with the UI. It’s easy to get lost, luckily for us, the locations bar makes it easy to find the current targets.


Frozen Synapse 2 is a Tactical turn-based shooter. You’ll set complex orders for your soldiers but beware: once you commit both turns will happen at the same time and you won’t be able to warn your guys on the fly.

The futuristic theme is heavily set in both storyline and graphics. With glow and translucent patterns substituting the usual solid shapes, this game has pretty original graphics.

Choose from many modes. You can play single or multiplayer matches, single turns, and City mode. Each with a unique set of challenges.

The gameplay can get a little overwhelming at first. My advice is sticking to the basic commands until you get the hang of it.

Frozen Synapse 2











  • A new twist on the Turn-based Genre
  • Extremely tactical

Not Cool

  • Slow paced

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