GameCube Controllers Might Be Coming To Switch

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Power A is known as of late for making some nice wired Nintendo Switch controllers. They’ve done some based on characters, such as the Mario and Zelda ones, and it seems many more might be coming on the horizon. Well, it seems their catalog will be expanding to make GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch. Reddit user Mew_The_Creator has shown some photos that may indicate this is the case.

It was discovered last year that the GameCube adapter made for the Nintendo Wii U worked for the Switch and many began messing around and speculating on what this could be used for. This seems like the perfect time to begin releasing this product with Super Smash Bros. looming on the horizon.


The GameCube controller has been an iconic and popular controller for gamers everywhere, especially within the competitive Smash community. Many will be excited and happy about the return of this controller.

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