Gamescom: Details On Left Alive Discussed and Revealed!

Originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2017, new light has been shed on Square Enix’s third person shooter Left Alive. Director Toshifumi Nabeshima and producer Shinji Hashimoto sat down with DualShockers and revealed the following information on the game:

  • The game will be more than a “boots on the ground” shooter and will also feature Mecha battles. One of the three protagonists pilots a Wander Mecha from the long forgotten Front Mission series. You as the player will have options on how you want to tackle a task. An example is fighting enemy soldiers guarding the Wander Mechas, presumably to use it, or take the on foot approach.
  • When pursuing on foot combat, you as a player will have to get creative with limited resources and this, in turn, creates a more tactical approach to gameplay with improvised weapons and crafting elements.
  • A big gameplay element in Left Alive are choices. Every civilian has their own motivations and backstories and it’s up to you to convince them to follow you. It is even mentioned you may have to save trapped civilians in a city. Likewise, as is the case with choices, you can abandon them and leave them to their own devices.
  • The game’s ending will shed light on what happens to the three protagonists, as well as the civilians you have encountered throughout your journey.

Several hours later, IGN was able to gather the following extra details on Left Alive:

  • Left Alive seems to be a mix of different genres and ambitions from the developers, being described as a Mecha game, a story driven experience, and will have survival horror elements. At the games core, however, it is a covers based shooter. IGN stated that the animations clicked into place unnaturally and tight corridors were what was mostly shown. Curiously, it was stated that there was a potential for more interesting interactions other than simply just pulling the trigger.
  • Perhaps relating to the survival horror elements. Ammunition is said to be scare and that having firefights would not be the best course of action. The game has what seems to he a robust crafting system that will allow you to create simple things, with materials gathered, such as Molotov cocktails, tripwire bombs, and something referred to as a RADAR grenade that highlights enemies’ positions to yours.

  • The rescuing of civilians will either involve action oriented sections of through conversations using a dialogue tree system often found in RPG games. There is a section mentioned that offers the player the choice to either save a group of civilians from enemy soldiers for no reward or sneak past them to conserve resources. Saved civilians appear in ending.
  • Most of the players interactions with the Wanzer Mechas from the Front Mission series will either consist of avoiding them or attacking them with boots on the ground.
  • There is a section described that sees the player steal an enemy Wanzer to attack an enemy platoon. Wanzer Mechas have four customizable weapon slots: two small arm mounted weapons, and two heavy weapons that attach to the shoulders. Melee combat is a viable option in the form of a charged thruster attack.

The team working behind Left Alive is comprised of many talented developers from critically acclaimed franchises, such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Armored Core, and Metal Gear. Interesting enough, character design and artwork is done by Hideo Kojima’s legendary right hand Yoji Shinkawa.

Are you excited for Left Alive? Let us know how you feel about this game and, if your on Switch, remember there is an amazing looking Mecha game coming to it soon! Also, follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews and on everything from Gamescom!

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