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Gamescom: Everything announced during the Nintendo highlight reel

Here is everything announced from Nintendo’s indie highlight reel:

-Night Call: Early 2019

-Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom: 6th November 2018

-The Gardens Between – 20th September 2018

-Streets of Rogue – Winter 2018

-Bad North – Available now

-Children of Morta – Early 2019

-This War of Mine – November 2018

-Moonlighter – Autumn 2018

-Everspace: Stellar edition – December 2018

-Baba is you – Autumn 2018

-Slay the Spire – Early 2019

-Windjammers – 23rd October 2019

-Windjammers 2 – 2019

-Terraria – 2019

-Prison Architect – Available now

-Morphies law – Available now

Find the video for more details and gameplay below:

In other Nintendo Gamescom news, Saints Row: the third was also announced for the platform with details to come later.

As for the indie highlight reel, my personal picks to keep an eye on would be Monster boy, Children of Morta and Moonlighter. Do you agree? What’re your personal favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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