Gamescom: Star Control Origins Trailer Revealed!

In the 90s there was a series of games on PC called Star Control. The game’s centered around intergalactic space battles between two armies of alien races. Strategy and melee were your gameplay styles as you played again a competent AI. Two players could team up to complete the game.

It’s been years since Star Control had any ability to captivate players but it’s latest entry, shown off at Gamescom 2018, looks to take PC players by storm. Star Control: Origins will take place in an alternate universe, which is very welcoming for new players, and will take place in the year 2086.

Playing as the captain of a ship who is dispatched to investigate an alien distress signal, you will travel across a procedurally generated galaxy based off the Milky Way.

Are you excited for Star Control: Origins? Have you ever played the older entries? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts on this PC exclusive! Also, remember to follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews and on everything from Gamescom!

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